Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Not forgotten!

Hello everyone, it has been awhile but I'm back to post some updates!

Georgia turns 10 months on Friday! I love this little firecracker 😍😍

She is crawling everywhere, pulling up on furniture, cruising, and of course getting into trouble 😊.

Gigi currently has two teeth and is working on some top ones, hopefully they will be in soon. Teething is hard for baby and momma!

We went to Shaver lake with Eric's company this month and almost got snowed in! This was Georgia's first experience with snow!

We've been playing with the idea of a country house and have been looking at properties for the past year or so and have made offers on several properties. Finally, it looks like one of the properties may work out! If so, we will be embarking on a new stage of life...remodeling with a baby! Wish us luck 😄

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