Saturday, December 13, 2014


Boy, have we been busy! We packed up everything and spent two weeks at the Smiley grandparents house for Thanksgiving and it was great!

Georgia got to spend some time with her cousins which was entertaining and overwhelming.

We have been trying lots of new veggies and fruits, which Georgia is still loving. Thank goodness, I never realized feeding a baby could be so difficult!

Baby girl has been working on some teeth this last week, which has made for a lot of cranky days but I think we are past the worst of it and she has two cute little front teeth popping through. However, she won't let me take a picture of them, or touch them for that matter. They still must be sensitive, poor thing. We are slowly transitioning Georgia out of her baby bath tub to the regular bath, this child loves bath time!

We are all decked out with Christmas decor over here, going through the holidays with a baby is definitely different and wonderful.

I can't believe Georgia is already 7 months old, time is flying by even though sometimes the days feel so so long.

Lastly, because Eric and I don't already have enough on our plate with a baby, a dog and two bunnies we decided to try out a second dog thanks to my parents. Ha ha. Yes we are crazy. However, so far for a puppy he has been very good. Looks like we will probably be keeping him. Archie is thrilled about his new puppy brother. 

Tomorrow is Eric's birthday! And we will be attempting our Christmas picture, stay tuned for that! 

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